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HEALING our SACRED EARTH / Johannes Matthiessen 30,00 EUR
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Art.Nr.: 978-3-88864-519-8
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HEALING our SACRED EARTH / Johannes Matthiessen

...with young people around the world. New social ecological artprojects.

ISBN: 978-3-88864-519-8 • 2014 • 272 Seiten • Format: 22 x 24 cm • ca. 500 Farbbilder

Inspired by the ideas of Joseph Beuys, Frère Roger, and Rudolf Steiner, the German architect and art teacher Johannes Matthiessen has led numerous projects with young people worldwide – to heal wounded landscapes, create energy centers, and transform neglected spaces into spiritual parks where visitors can experience the deeper dimensions of nature.

"I am thankful that I could experience Johannes Matthiessen’s work. It’s remarkable how he is able to unite Earth wisdom and the hearts of youth to create healing places. Meeting the Earth on this level helps Nature unfold her self-healing processes. I want to thank Johannes for his exceptional work and hope that he can soon create additional sacred places in America." - Jim Slama, Founder and President of FamilyFarmed.org

For recipe seekers, this is not the right book. However those in search of new, enlivening examples of Social/ecological artistry and who seek help in awakening the slumbering social/environmental artist in themselves have come to the right place. May this extraordenary book find its way into the hands of many such individuals! - Michael Holdrege, Chicago Waldorf Highschool, Author of: "From Creative Ideas to Innovative Solutions"

I invite you, Dear Friends, to seek and find the path of this stewardship of the Sacred Earth and to be in service of its future. You have before you the love and wisdom of Johannes Matthiessen as a guide to your own discoveries of the Sacred and the ways you can participate in the initiatives of healing our Earth. - Orland Bishop, Shadetree, intercultural foundation, Los Angeles, California

Dipl. Ing. Johannes Matthiessen

Born in Calw in Germany 1946, childhood in the Black Forest, studied Architecture with degree in Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich. For the next 20 years, taught Art and History of Art in Herne, Vienna, Heidelberg and Chicago. During this time, work with prisoners and vocational trainees in large companies. Later work as trainer for creativity and personal development at Volkswagen (Wolfsburg) and the flight company Swiss Air in Zürich.

Painting and sculpture exhibitions in Europe and abroad. Lecturer at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna and at the University of Heidelberg.

Since 1991 travelling the world together with students and youth as landscape healer to regenerate devastated nature and problem areas on all continents and to integrate the local traditional cultures of indigenous peoples – the Lakota Indians in South Dakota, Australian Aborigines in the outback of Central Australia and tribes in Africa.

Designing and creating numerous theme parks, for example the NaturLesePark in Neumarkt, Austria, and places with healing energy, he went on with Günther Karner to found the global treedome projects for children, where they explore and express their visions of the future of our planet.

Due to his serious cancer desease since 2011 he turned his artistic activities from the outer world to our inner life through writing and drawing.

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