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Environment and Sustainability in Ethiopian Education System: A Longitudinal Analysis 12,80 EUR
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Art.Nr.: 978-3-88864-487-0
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Environment and Sustainability in Ethiopian Education System: A Longitudinal Analysis

ISBN 978-3-88864-487-0  · 2012 · 108 Seiten

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About the book
This book is an exceptional piece of work in many respects.First of all, it represents an in-depth assessment of thestatus of environmental and sustainability education inEthiopia by revealing the policy provisions against the edu-cational backdrop of practical efforts on the ground. Se-condly, and in line with this broad analytical framework, itwill definitely be of a vital interest to a large variety of rea-ders: students, teachers, researchers, and policy makers,to mention a few. It has to be pointed out that the book isan outcome of the author’s thorough and extensive re-search on the Ethiopian education system, with a markedfocus on higher education institutions. Thus, this longitu-dinal study does not only allow profound portrayals as towhether and where national environmental and develop-ment policies either flourish or perish, but also tackles thesesometimes sensitive issues in a constructive manner there-by offering important suggestions on a way forward.

Given the fact that raising awareness of and attitude toward environmental and sustainability issuesfacing his country form a pressing issue, Aklilu Dalelo’s book on the situation in Ethiopia – belongingto the world’s region that is called the cradle of humankind – may be seen as a timely contributionto the ongoing debate in Africa whereby ‘green growth’ is seen as an essential element of thecontinent’s structural economic transformation towards a sustainable future.

Maik Adomßent (PD Dr.)
Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Communication
Leuphana University Lüneburg

Dr.  Aklilu Dalelo is an Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Education at GraduateSchool of Education, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He is a geographer by training with aparticular interest in environmental and sustainability education. Dr Aklilu made an extensiveresearch over the past fifteen years mainly on energy and environmental education; and publishedmore than ten articles in reputable national and international journals. Currently, he is an Alexandervon Humboldt Research Fellow at the Institute of Environmental and Sustainability Communication,Faculty of Sustainability; Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany.

Email: akliludw@gmail.com; dalelowa@leuphana.de
Aklilu Dalelo Environment and Sustainability in Ethiopian
Education System: A Longitudinal Analysis

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