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Crossing Boundaries

Volume 2 - Higher Education for sustainability
Joop de Kraker/Angelique Lansu/ Rietje van Dam-Mieras (eds.)

Innovative Learning for Sustainable Development in Higher Education
ISBN 978-3-88864-439-9 · 2007 · 304Seiten

About the book

Education is the keystone to the vision of worldwide sustainable development. Higher education plays a particular role in the context of sustainable development: it has a major influence on the way in which future generations in positions of responsibility will deal with the complex demands they will face as a result of globalisation and world trade, problems with poverty and the environment and development.

This book focuses on competence-based learning for sustainable development inhigher education and the design of appropriate learning environments. To contribute effectively to sustainable development, university graduates should have the competence to communicate and collaborate across the traditional boundaries of e.g. discipline, nation, or culture. Important ingredients of competence-based learning environments for sustainable development are therefore cross-boundary contexts and group work. Electronic learning environments (ELEs), employing modern information and communication technology, are well-suited as they allow time and place independent communication and collaboration between internationally distributed teams of students at low cost. This book brings together more than a decade of experience in the development and use of such learning environments. These are described in an open and concrete manner, to be of practical use to a wide audience of practitioners in higher education for sustainability.

Notes on the Editors

Joop de Kraker is Assistant Professor at the School of Science of the Open University of the Netherlands. His principal activity is the development of courses in environmental sciences in relation to sustainable development, currently as part of the international Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe. His research interest is on competence development for boundary work at the interface of environmental science, society and policy.

Angelique Lansu is Assistant Professor at the School of Science of the Open University of the Netherlands. She is involved in the development of competencebased e-learning environments for environmental sciences and sustainable development, both nationally and internationally. She conducts research on internationalisation in e-learning as an instructional strategy for learning for sustainable development.

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Rietje van Dam-Mieras has been Professor of Natural Sciences at the School of Science of the Open University of the Netherlands since 1993. Recently, she has become Vice-Rector of Leiden University (NL). She has published extensively on sustainability, globalisation and innovation in higher education, and is involved in numerous international initiatives on learning for sustainable development.

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